Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose

With, you save time and money and eliminate the frustration associated with driving down and back up Mt. Rose Highway, getting your car dinged in our local parking lots, and the long lines at our grocery stores. Your membership covers the fuel and wear-and-tear costs you would incur on your vehicle, along with prompt and professional store-to-door delivery of all your shopping needs.

When can I expect my delivered items?

You can expect your items to be delivered in the early afternoon as we will be departing early in the morning to start collecting your items. We do offer late-night, emergency delivery at a special price should you require it.

How can I save money with

Check out these price comparisons with the staples you get every week:

How do I get you my shopping list?

Select the Send Us Your Shopping List link. Select your stores and specify your items. When you are done, we will process your list - confidentially and privately - and send it back to you to make sure nothing is missed. We will show you how to add to it and manage it before every trip. We have lists for all the major stores in Reno for you to easily create your shopping list. Although it will normally be the same each week, you can easily add and remove items as needed. Here is a sample image of a list from Google Sheets. Click the image to see the complete sample shopping list online.

With Google Sheets, you can create, edit, and collaborate wherever you are. For free.

From which stores do you deliver?

We currently deliver from all the major big-box stores in Reno, like  WalmartCostcoWhole FoodsSmith'sSproutsTrader Joe'sTargetPetSmartPetcoLowe'sHome Depot , and Total Wine. We will be adding more as needed.

Can I place a pickup-at-store order?

Yes, you are welcome to place a store pickup order; however, we are happy to individually select your items for you. We look for the freshest produce and the latest meats.

How do I know when my grocery items have been purchased?

You will receive a photo to your phone of your receipt immediately when shopping has been completed at each of your store requests. We will use the receipt at your door to verify that each and every item in your grocery list has arrived to your satisfaction.

Can I expect my hot items to remain hot?

Yes. We have insulated food delivery carriers that keep your rotisserie chicken and bbq ribs hot upon delivery.

Does Renoagogo deliver alcohol?

Yes, we will deliver alcohol as long as the account owner is 21 or older and present to accept the delivery. Please be ready to show your valid photo driver's license or passport. If the alcohol cannot be delivered, you will be charged a return fee.  We will not deliver if the account owner appears intoxicated.

Can I just get a one-time delivery?

Yes! One-time deliveries are popular with our hotel and vacation rental guests. The price is normally $65 and can vary based on the time of day of the delivery. Deliveries are available 24/7. The cost of the groceries, along with the trip cost, must be paid upfront.

Can I add some items after you have already departed for Reno?

Of course! Each client will have private online access to their items list using Google Sheets. You can quickly and easily update quantities, add or remove items, or even request a new store stop. We will walk you through it beforehand to eliminate any confusion. Just call, email, or text us with your updates and we will do everything possible to add them to your list!

Will you be adding 6-month and one-year memberships?

Yes, we will be adding additional membership time-periods after our initial 1-month and 3-month introductory periods in the future so you can lock in your rates for long periods of time.

Can I promote to my vacation rental guests and add the link to my online vacation rental listing on sites like and

Yes! Your vacation rental guests will find our services very appealing, especially if they come to our area without a vehicle. Please feel free to add the link to your vacation rental online profile. Also, we have attractive refrigerator magnets for your guests to find us fast.

Is renoagogo licensed as a Nevada business?

Yes. We are have a Nevada business license (Identification Number NV20181651585) and we are incorporated as a sole proprietorship under Nevada state law.